About Us

L’Arche Erie is part of an international federation of nearly 140 communities operating in 40 different countries. Today L’Arche remains faithful to the simplicity of this vision as assistants and people with handicaps share their lives together, their gifts and struggles, as brothers and sisters in Jesus.

L’Arche Erie has seven homes and four family-living situations where its many members live, work, and share in daily life. These homes relate often to each other, through visits, sessions of prayer, and celebrations. L’Arche Erie employs over 80 assistant members who supports 31 core members, those adults with intellectual disabilities. The philosophy of L’Arche is to provide “family-based” growth and security to people through mutual relationships. Some people choose to move toward independence and they, along with board members, former assistants, family and friends, broaden the circle of relationships.

The community of L’Arche Erie is growing in its ecumenical vision through welcoming those of different faiths. Our spirituality is founded on Gospel values and the love of God for the weakest and the poorest, so as to reveal their vocation of opening hearts of compassion to others. We are a community of faith rooted in prayer and trust in God. Opportunities for prayer and worship are part of daily life in the home and as well as when we come together to share and celebrate as a community.

As the community moves into the future, members carry its history, relationships, and traditions. These roots of the community and long-term commitments of members give it the stability to go forward into new challenges.

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