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Grow with L'Arche Erie and our Giving Garden!

Friday Apr 7th, 2017

For 45 years, L’Arche Erie has provided a family setting for our core members and assistants.  Growth is at the heart of L’Arche Erie. We encourage our core members and members of our community to breakdown their barriers, open up, and grow in mind, body, and spirit.  We live, work, pray, and celebrate together, sharing our joys and struggles as a family and GROWING community.  With your help, we can create an environment to sustain growth!

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Monday Apr 3rd, 2017

Why this web series?

People with intellectual disabilities live in the shadows of a persistent view–present in all cultures–that they are the undesirables. This is one of our world’s significant injustices. It is one we can change. L’Arche International’s web series, As I Am, is an invitation to imagine the world differently and to rejoice in who you are as you are.

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