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Friday Apr 19th, 2019

Untitled design 2Beep, beep—Hi folks! 

It’s me, your neighborhood delivery truck, here to share some exciting news that you can be a part of, too! I just received word from my driver that I have been chosen to deliver a load of gifts to some very deserving people here in Erie, PA! 

These folks, called core members, are a part of L’Arche Erie where love and acceptance are at the heart of their community life. It isn’t every day that a delivery truck gets to meet such wonderful people like the L’Arche community. I am very excited to be honored with this task! 

My driver said that once the items start arriving here at the warehouse I can begin my special assignment. This is where you come in!  Will you help me get things rolling so I can deliver some great gifts to my new friends?  I have their Wish List of items to watch for that I can surely pass along to you.  The things they picked out are not extravagant by any means but my driver said they will definitely make life a little more enjoyable! 

A great man named Jean Vanier once said, “When we begin to believe that there is greater joy in working with and for others, rather than just for ourselves, then our society will truly become a place of celebration. “ 

Help me celebrate the core members of L’Arche Erie! Please consider purchasing an item or two from the Amazon wish list (click HERE).  Items can be purchased online or a monetary donation can be sent in for others to do the shopping.  It really is that easy!  With a click of your mouse, I will be one tire tread closer to hitting the streets of Erie with a truck full of wonderful surprises.

Well, I better get ready for my next delivery—with your help, it will be the delivery of a lifetime!

Your local delivery truck, Beep! Beep!


Click on the below logo to view L'Arche Erie's Special Delivery Wish List!




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