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50 Weeks of L’Arche Erie! – Week 15

Let’s talk about the Ten Spiritual Pillars in L’Arche. These 10 pillars are what we in L’Arche live by every day.

  1. Welcome: to open our hearts to one another.
  2. Simplicity: to discover God’s presence in daily life
  3. Forgiveness: to forgive one another
  4. Celebration: to celebrate passages and important events in our personal as well as communal lives
  5. Authentic relationships: to be happy with who we are and share our gift with others
  6. Suffering and joy: to walk together in times of pain and times of joy
  7. Prayer: to be in a relationship with God through prayer – personal and communal
  8. Loss and Grief: to support each other as we live through times of loss and grief
  9. Growth: to grow and bear fruit for others
  10. Be Light for the World: to announce God’s love to others in our neighborhoods, churches, and society.
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