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50 weeks of L’Arche Erie! – Week 3

It’s week 3 of our 50 Weeks of L’Arche Erie!

Our homes and how they are named!

Every home here at L’Arche Erie has its own sentimental name and story. If you have ever visited our office located at 3745 West 12th Street, you may have heard us call it “The Hearth.

The “Hearth” a name suggested by Fr Stephen Sommerville as it was a sign present in the neighborhood to radiate the warmth and love of Jesus, was launched as the first L’Arche Erie home in Erie, PA. The Hearth began as a training home and within a short time several of the first residents were able to move out and live independently. The home, while young was quite welcoming and had many friends and visitors.

When our office became our official home on 12th street, there was much talk about the name. It was only right to bring it back to where it all began and name it “The Hearth.”

In Erie, PA today we have 8 homes:

Fort Willow, Serenity, Rose, Overlook (Oasis), Bethany, Jubilee, Journey, and Hearts Garden.

The meaning of Fort Willow:

Fort speaks to one of Fort Willow’s Core Member’s family military background; it is also a reminder that home is a strong and secure place.

Willow is a nod – in another Core Member’s words – to the “humongous” Willow tree in the backyard; the Willow is also a symbol of growth, flexibility, and survival in challenging situations.

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