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50 weeks of L’Arche Erie! – Week 4

We hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday with your friends and family!


This week we are going to be talking about Solidarity at L’Arche Erie!


Something you may not know about L’Arche is that there are 154 L’Arche locations around the world and we are in 38 countries. L’Arche Erie was the first L’Arche to open in the United States. L’Arche exists in countries around the world that experience very difficult living conditions: National disasters, political corruption, civil war, large-scale gang activity, violence, and struggling economies. In these contexts, the opportunity to live in L’Arche is often the difference between life and death and is certainly the difference between life and mere existence.

L’Arche communities in these contexts are profoundly inspirational, demonstrating extraordinary commitment, beautiful talents, and remarkable depth of relationship. They also work hard to develop their own, local, support network. But the reality is, with little to no public funding, it is a daunting task.

L’Arche international stands with these communities, and helps them to find financial partners, who will join with them to celebrate the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities around the world.

Direct financial aid to L’Arche communities supports day to day operating costs, such as housing, food, and medicine. It also supports capital projects such as the purchase of a house, car, or workshop.

We also invest in local leadership; L’Arche international assigns each community, like L’Arche Erie, who journeys with the local leaders and Boards, providing guidance and L’Arche organizational wisdom. Where appropriate, we also provide a finance delegate to guide the community in managing the funds.

You may recognize the word Solidarity from events we have done in the past that specifically go to Solidarity. Such as Sundaes for Solidarity, Change for Change, and soup suppers. Those funds are L’Arche Erie’s contributions to Solidarity.

Finally, we also make the way for selected local leaders to participate in international’s leadership development programs and formation workshops. Direct financial aid is a question of survival today. Investment in leadership is building towards self-sufficient communities of tomorrow.

View the Global Solidarity Album below:

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