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Discovering a Centering Routine Through Prayer

During this season aimed at finding new life-giving routines, we at Heart’s Garden home have found a calming and centering practice in our Sunday morning prayer.

Shortly after breakfast, Vinnie beckons to us all while Garnet gently asks, “Prayer, prayer…?” We take pause from the Sunday Golden Girls marathon as Vinnie brings over a card/prayer table. We light the candle that Cliff decorated with his original art of a L’Arche boat and sun donning sunglasses! Cliff often chooses a reading with accompanying picture to pass around, reflect upon and discuss. Garnet enjoys reading aloud and suggesting songs and prayers. A couple of her favorites are “Jesus Loves Me” and “In the Lord.” Relative to the topic of the reading, Vinnie enjoys watching songs on the big screen, through YouTube on the television. Some tunes we have enjoyed include Andrea Bocelli singing “The Lord’s Prayer,” an experimental Rap version of “Jesus Loves Me” chosen by Cliff, and an up-tempo Gospel number which gets us up and moving! Even Ray enjoys singing a song or two with fervor! Vinnie excitedly leads us through creative, prayerful arm movements which cultivate a joyful shared experience. We have a brief time of offering personal and group intentions for our friends, families, L’Arche Erie community and L’Arche around the world. We also ask for strength to listen to and support one another in our home.

To conclude prayer, Garnet informs us it’s time to say the “Our Father.” We follow her faithful lead as we speak the prayer together. We then resume Golden Girls, filled with a bit more peace, joy, and unity!

Sara J. Fisher is an Assistant at Heart’s Garden Home. 

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