Live at L'Arche

our core members are family

Are you looking for a home for yourself or someone you love with intellectual disabilities?

L’Arche Erie welcomes adults with intellectual disabilities (core members) who require a broad range of support. When L’Arche welcomes a new core member, we anticipate that the individual will live in L’Arche for life.

For that reason, openings in our eight homes are infrequent and we move through the selection process carefully.

Another alternative is Lifesharing

Lifesharing means living with and sharing life experiences with supportive persons who form a caring household. Lifesharing is recognized as both a close personal relationship and a place to live. Lifesharing Providers offer individuals the opportunity to be part of a family and to participate in community life. Lifesharing Providers and individuals are carefully matched and supported by qualified professionals to achieve the person's program objectives.


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