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Friday Mar 29th, 2024

Highlights & Insights - March 2024

Check out our March 2024 issue of Highlights & Insights!


Thursday Jun 16th, 2022

Authentic Relationships in L’Arche

A dear friend and former assistant of L’Arche Erie, Anetka, came for a brief visit recently and I was reminded of the beauty and depth of authentic, or true relationships formed within L’Arche. 


Thursday Jun 9th, 2022

50 Weeks of L’Arche Erie - New Commercial

Today is quite gloomy, so we thought we would bring you a little smile by sharing our new commercial! BIG thank you to Rob, Meg and staff of R. Frank Media.

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Tuesday May 24th, 2022

50 Weeks of L’Arche Erie – Board of Directors

Remember our 50 weeks of L’Arche posts? We have been so busy at L’Arche Erie that we missed a few weeks, but we are back! Let’s talk about our Board of Directors.

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Tuesday Apr 12th, 2022

50 Weeks of L’Arche Erie – Week 19

Introducing L’Arche Erie Events Committee, (LEEC) a group of people with and without disabilities committed to L’Arche Erie’s mission. 


Sunday Apr 3rd, 2022

50 Weeks of L’Arche Erie – Weeks 17 & 18

This week we are going to spend our 50 weeks of L’Arche talking about our new cohort – L’Arche GAP. L’Arche GAP (Growth; Adventure; Possibility) is a unique paid gap year experience for students interested in living in community with adults with and without intellectual disabilities.

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Friday Mar 25th, 2022

50 Weeks of L’Arche Erie – Week 16

Let’s talk more L’Arche Lingo! This week we will learn about Accompaniment in L’Arche.