Tuesday May 24th, 2022

50 Weeks of L’Arche Erie – Board of Directors

Remember our 50 weeks of L’Arche posts? We have been so busy at L’Arche Erie that we missed a few weeks, but we are back!

Let’s talk about our Board of Directors.

June is fast approaching which means some ending terms are coming up for some of our current board members. L’Arche Erie, Inc. is currently looking for folks to join its Board of Directors.

Current Board Members:

  • Board Chair – Nicole Lavery
  • Vice Chair – Celene Kalivoda
  • Treasurer – Richard Hauser
  • Secretary – Benjamin Speggen
  • Executive Director – Rochelle Von Hof
  • Brad Weisenbach
  • Terry Holmes
  • Joshua Nwokeji
  • Richard Stachel
  • Jinhee Yoo
  • Gregory Badach
  • Danielle Jones-Miglicio

Board of Directors and Leadership Eligibility

Directors should be at least 18 years of age, well known by a committed L’Arche person (e.g., a current board member, the community leader or other community members) who makes the recommendation
Any eligible Director should be open to discovering the gifts and values of persons who have an intellectual disability.

Any eligible Director should know and understand – or be open to learning about and understanding – L’Arche’s Identity and Mission.

Any eligible Director should come from a variety of backgrounds and professions and offer to the Board the different skills and gifts it needs, including legal, financial, fundraising and marketing expertise.

The following persons are NOT eligible to be L’Arche board members:

  • An employee or core member, or any immediate family member of an employee or core member (including spouse, domestic partner or companion living in the same household, children or step-children, siblings or step-siblings, parents, in-laws, grandparents or grandchildren) of L’Arche USA or of any Member Community-Former employees who were employees during the past three years
  • People who are paid for goods or services rendered to the L’Arche community (e.g., various health professionals, suppliers, local business people)
  • Priests, pastors or ministers who serve the spiritual needs of the community
  • Persons elected to political office

The process of evaluating the needs of the Board and looking for potential new board members should be happening on a continual basis, and not just once a year, often in a rush, for the annual general meeting of the corporation.

If you are looking to be part of our Board of Directors, or need more information, contact us.