Tuesday Apr 12th, 2022

50 Weeks of L’Arche Erie – Week 19

Introducing L’Arche Erie Events Committee, (LEEC) a group of people with and without disabilities committed to L’Arche Erie’s mission.  LEEC works on a variety of strategic projects to create communities where adults with disabilities are loved, ultimately creating a more compassionate and human society.

We ask members to commit to one calendar year of service at a time. This commitment includes:

  • Attending at least 2 of the 4 (quarterly) team meetings
  • Attending L’Arche Erie events as you are able (at least 3 events a year, virtual or in person)
  • Participating to some degree in at least one of L’Arche Erie’s virtual fundraisers each year (even if just sharing social media posts or donating yourself)
  • Volunteering when you are able/interested

Reasons to Join the Events Committee

  • Bringing your passion and skills to our community will have an immediate and lasting impact on L’Arche Erie as we seek to expand our reach in the Erie and surrounding areas.
  • LEEC offers an opportunity to advocate for the needs of adults with disabilities — offering a voice for those who cannot easily advocate for themselves.
  • Your connection to LEEC will increase your awareness and understanding of L’Arche Erie and our programs and services, with an easy path to becoming friends with adults with disabilities

Strategic Projects the LEEC May Support

LEEC will have quarterly meetings (about 60 minutes each in May, August, and November) to work on strategic projects: this could include any of the following, or LEEC may come up with their own.


  • Coordinating a LEEC workday (or fun day)
  • Increasing the value & reach of our community events for adults with and without disabilities
  • Developing L’Arche Erie’s capacity and growth (assistance with transitioning—making friends, bringing meals, etc.)

Expanding L’Arche Erie’s Reach

  • Championing L’Arche Erie’s mission in the community
  • Inviting L’Arche to speak to a group you are a member of
  • Expanding L’Arche Luminaries (monthly donors)
  • Seeking new areas for development opportunities (spirit nights, t-shirt sales, etc.)

If you are interested in becoming part of the L’Arche Erie Events Committee, please contact Amy Richardson now for an application!