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50 Weeks of L’Arche Erie! – Week 19!

Introducing L’Arche Erie Events Committee!!


The L’Arche Erie Events Committee (LEEC) is a group of people with and without disabilities committed to L’Arche Erie’s mission. LEEC works on a variety of strategic projects to create communities where adults with disabilities are loved, ultimately creating a more compassionate and human society.

We ask members to commit to one calendar year of service at a time. This commitment includes:

Reasons to Join the Events Committee

Strategic Projects the LEEC May Support

LEEC will have quarterly meetings (about 60 minutes each in May, August, and November) to work on strategic projects: this could include any of the following, or LEEC may come up with their own.


Expanding L’Arche Erie’s Reach

If you are interested in becoming part of the L’Arche Erie Events Committee, please contact Amy at Development@larcheerie.org now for an application!

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